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Did You Know...
  • 66% of all Internet searches on Google, Yahoo & Bing are from customers seeking services, products & shops in their local areas.
  • 62% of those searches are made from customers using a mobile phone or wireless tablet.
  • 78% make a purchase online or offline as a result of their search.
That means that roughly 6 out of every 10 consumers in the U.S complete at least 1 local search every day. That equals over 3 Billion local searches per month.

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Adoozle® are experts in providing local businesses, national brands, franchises, and multi-location companies with fresh, cost-responsible local and mobile Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our innovative program, combined with advanced patent-pending technology makes your business highly visible on major search engines including Google™, Yahoo®, and Bing™, plus other high-traffic consumer and business websites, business directories, white pages and yellow pages, social communities, and content networks. Call (877) 895-6642 today and learn how to make local and mobile search work for your business...